A day in the life of Bobby with his Gululu Interactive Water Bottle

Waking Up

As the sun rises the day begins.
Bobby stretches from head to toe,
rolls over reaches for his bottle from
the charging dock by his bed.

Ninji greets him with a gentle reminder to drink water.



The bacon smells so good
and his dog Coco is going crazy
as usual and jumping around.
Of course he knocks Bobby’s
bottle off the table with a big crash!
No different than any other day.


At School

Bobby’s bottle has been pre-set to
slient mode to keep him from
being distracted during class.
Today for English class
they are reading his favorite book,
The Little Prince.



Joining screaming kids everywhere,
Bobby runs to play with his friends.
He finds others kids with bottles
and when they shake their bottles
close each other their pets
become friends.

" Bobby sometimes forgets
to keep hydrated and Ninja gets sad.
Bobby is reminded to drink water
to take care of his pet "


As the Gululu Universe unfolds the latest content is
automatically updated through Wi-Fi,
opening a world of endless exploration for Bobby.
Drinking water unlocks treasure chests, helping him to
advance levels so Ninja can evolve.
Together,Bobby and Ninja are on a mission to save the Gululu Universe



Through a linked app, no matter where they are, Bobby’s
mother and father can see how much he is drinking
throughout the day on their smartphones


After School

Bobby runs home, gives his mother his bottle to wash and
sits down to do homework.


Simple and no worries.
Its’ modular design, makes it easy to clean.
Washing the bottle once a day keeps the bacteria away.
It is food grade, BPA free and FDA approved.

Gululu Talk Cap.jpg

Bed Time

Bobby places his bottle back on the charging dock.
His parents has set it up to go into silent mode at this time.
He says good night to Ninja, Coco, his mother and father.
Crawling under the warm comfy covers he closes his eyes,
dreaming of the Gululu Universe as the moon rises.