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smart made fun

Drinking water awakens a virtual pet
that lives inside the bottle, engaging your
child in play. Built in sensory technology
measures your child’s fluid intake and
relays the information to you through
a linked mobile app.

learning through play

Your child’s virtual pet needs water to
stay happy, grow and evolve.
This mutual caregiving builds the
foundation of joy in drinking water

quality companionship

Together with their pet, your child is
challenged to save the Gululu Universe
from doom. Through play children
discover that water has the power to
nurture life, incentivizing healthy
drinking habits

power of storytelling

The whimsical and creative world of
Gululu awakens your child’s
imagination. Water is made magical,
paving way for lifelong health living.


through our partnership with, we give back

The product has helped my son reach his full potential. Sure he drank water before but this helps him to drink the right amount of water.

- Kayleigh

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Gululu Water Bottle


Comes in three sprightly colors:

Mermaid Pink

Bowhead Blue

Submarine Yellow

Gululu is an Interactive Water Bottle which aims to motivate children to drink more water and gives parents the ability to monitor their children's drinking habit.

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