Hello my friend !

We are inhabitants of Planet Ima, and we need your help!

Planet Ima used to be a magical water planet. "Vitality Water" refreshed all living things.

When the explosion happened. Tanga the evil ruler of Planet Bezza, ruined Planet Ima.

Tanga is a greedy and vicious , he locked all the beautiful Planet Ima creatures into chests. Also his farts brought pollution and damaged the whole planet.


Before long, "Vitality Water" also became polluted and totally dried up. Planet Ima lost her beauty and her inhabitants became weak and sick.

Only when "Vitality Water" comes back, can our home Planet Ima be saved. So where is "Vitality Water" ?

One day Ninji, one of the inhabitants of Ima, got a surprising message in his dream.

Far Far away, there's a planet called Earth. People there love to drink water, and have the ability to generate "Vitality Water" !

Your Gululu bottle helps deliver "Vitality Water" to Planet Ima !

Inhabitants from Planet Ima are calling for your help. Grab your Gululu bottle ! Let's save Planet Ima and make it beautiful just like it was before !

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Comes in three sprightly colors:

Mermaid Pink

Bowhead Blue

Submarine Yellow