Choosing your Pets

When you begin your journey with Gululu, you will get to choose a pet from the available 4 pets. As your kids drink more water, they will eventually progress together with their virtual pets, Once your child reaches Level 10, They will be given the option to choose another virtual pet. Eventually they can acquire all pets as they progress with their Gululu Interactive Water Bottle, switching between them using the Gululu App with previously connected smart phone.

SUB 1.png
Sub 2.png
Sub 3.png

What is the Submarine?

"The Submarine" is a Spacecraft that transport the Gululu Pets from its current Worldmap into the next Map. As your children progress with their Gululu, they will acquire parts of "The Submarine" from the Yellow Treasure Box. There are all together 9 Parts to be collected to complete the Submarine and get your Gululu onto the next "ring" of Planet Ima.

skill 1.jpg
Skill 2.jpg
Skill 3.jpg

What are NEW SKILLS?

New Skills are awarded to children when they use their Gululu Interactive Water Bottle. Skills are animations that can be performed by your children when they interact with their Gululu Water Bottle, simply by swiping on the "Right" side of their Gululu Water Bottle. The Gululu's will eventually get stronger and performs more moves when your child drinks from their Gululu Water Bottle.

Level 3.jpg
Level 4.jpg

What is the point of Level?

As we have previously discussed, the more water your children drinks, their Gululu will eventually become stronger as they progress together. LV on the Top-Left corner represents their current Level.As the Gululu increases their Levels, they will unlock more moves making them more fun to interact with for your children. Whenever a Gululu level up, there will be an On-Screen instruction to notify your children what their Gululu can do now.

Skill 2.jpg

What are Rubies?

Rubies are currency used in Planet Ima. Collecting enough Rubies will increase your child's Gululu Power (helping them "Level Up" and unlock new "Skills"). Rubies can also be used to purchase different accessories.

Accessories 1-2.jpg
Accessories 2-2.jpg

What are Accessories?

Each Gululu has their own sets of Accessories that your child can unlock using "Rubies" throughout their journey. All Accessories are all available in the Gululu Store. Some of the Accessories will come with Special Animation when they are equipped!


What are Nims?

Nims are little plants and animal who inhabit Planet Ima. Each Nims has their own special story. They have been trapped & captured in Yellow Treasure Boxes by Tanga when he came onto Planet Ima, after Planet Bezza exploded. Unlock these Nims from their Treasure Chests to keep your Gululu company along their Adventure.

Daily Goal.png

What are the Daily Goals?

The Daily Goals are drinking Milestones to make sure your child drinks water regularly throughout the day.There will be 3 Milestones daily.Reaching these Milestones will unlock "Rubies" for your Gululu.


I've reached the Top of my Worldmap! What's next?

Congratulations on getting to the top of the Worldmap! Top of the Worldmap is indicated by the 210m mark on the vertical bar on the right screen. Now you can choose to play on a new map! Currently there are 3 Maps with over 100's of Nims to collect!


How do I enter a new Map?

Step 1) Go to Main Menu

Step 2) Select Map

Step 3) Enter to Select Map as picture shown above.